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Sep 5

The summer in review

Did I ever mention the art show I curated about my dog? That’s totally a thing that happened this summer. It was basically a joke taken so far that it just got even funnier. Fortunately, my friends are amazingly creative, let me take over their gallery and then bought a bunch of the terrific art created for the show, so my house didn’t have to turn into a shrine to my dog.

Temple Ad Hoc aka Temple of the Dog

The installation.

Raincheck in a gown and dip dyed ruff by the talented Dot.

Marco with Drew Vuong’s embroidered piece, based on the 6” tuna sub Raincheck ate in secret while we were all on a road trip. 

Me in front of my silk screened poster installation “Saint Raincheck, the Saint of Trash and Hangovers”. If you’ve ever met my dog you understand. 

It was an interactive piece for sure.

Joshua Alvarenga snapping a pic of the stained glass portrait my mom made!

Max Gough’s photo collage, art directed by Max.

Acrylic on board by Zeinab Ghais

Mixed media by Jackie.

Acrylic on board by Hilary Andrew.

Various friends snuggling with raincheck over the years.

Top is a crocheted bust by Sara Gerstenberger, bottom photo by Carrie Schreck.

Painting by Marco Vinicius Caldeira.

Drawings Robert Preciado overnighted from Boston for the show.

Top is Alex Stone’s drawing of the time Raincheck ate rat poison and I had to get her a blood transfusion. Below that is the black metal photo collage by Chris Noyola

This is a still from the super creepy 3-D projection Jake Martinez made. I was amazed at the clear divide in themes. 

There was even a musical performance!

Road trip by Max Gough.

Photos by Jason House.

"On Safari" by Donavon Harrold.

"Glam" another Max Gough submission. 

There were more pieces that I didn’t manage to get pictures of but they were also awesome. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

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    My piece called Ode to Victim #107 was shown at this art show. It was an embroidery of a tuna fish sandwich.
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