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Jun 20

house tour

After a year of fiddling with my new apartment, it’s ready to share! See the whole tour on Apartment Therapy. I love this place.

Apr 9









Jan 17

city story


Jan 12

stripes on stripes on stripes

David Hockney, style icon. This guy has his personal uniform on lock down, he lives like he paints. Thanks to Jason Martin for alerting me to this great post on Unabashedly Prep

Jan 9

and away we go!


May 3

I’m here to make friends. The White Room Challenge.

The episode I was on finally aired! We shot it almost 6 months ago so I was nervous my room wouldn’t look like I remembered it.

My theme was 80’s southwestern road trip because I had just gotten back from Texas/Arizona/New Mexico and it was the first thing that popped into my head. They didn’t make it clear on TV but you had to pick your paint colors before you got to see what was in the salvage yard. It’s really hard to guess with nothing to go on!

I was stoked to see hubcaps in the salvage yard after already choosing a road trip theme. I love, love, love how the light turned out. It cast amazing shadows in person. Alas I wasn’t allowed to keep it.

My finished room. The judges hated the picnic table but I stand by it. It’s a fun, graphic room! 

A friend pointed out the pallets work with the theme, a nod to all the trucks on the open road. 

Monica’s winning room. It was prettier in person, I don’t think this shot does it justice.

Adam’s space would have been more dramatic with a little editing. It does feel dark and spooky like New Orleans, where he’s from.

Zeinab’s room. It was fun and cheery, just like her. Fun fact: she lives in Los Angeles and we totally hang out!

And here are scenes from the rowdy viewing party my friends had. I was really charmed by how enthusiastic everyone was.

Nickname pennant. Thanks guys!

Apr 24


Apr 19

Dick Clark’s Malibu Home

Dick Clark and his wife custom built this for themselves in 1991. What I love about it, and Los Angeles architecture in general, is if you want to live in above ground cave you totally can. 

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